fundamentals of marketing management

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Understanding the fundamentals of marketing management.

It is a process of setting the company goal, controlling the marketing aspects, making decisions for the firm, organizing the plans step by step, and implementing them to get the maximum income according to customers’ demands. The marketing management analysis to have an idea of what marketing management is? Marketing management is positioned on the 4Ps product, place, promotion, and people. These 4Ps decide the demand of customers. Like they want to buy in a considerable range and that products are simply available in the market.

What is marketing management?

What is marketing management?

Marketing management involves developing and implementing marketing programs, services, processes. It also depends on activities that lineup with wider business objectives. It utilize customer insight and optimize internal processes to achieve success. Marketing management is important because it provide customer engagement and product appeal. This can increase profit and by it we can achieve business objectives.

Marketing management can take your business from average to profitable side. This can be possible by analyzing customer profile, team performance and cost of the project.

Objectives of marketing management

Marketing management sets the objective of the business already before starting it. The crucial objective of marketing management is listed as follows.

  • Attracting new customers:

The objective of marketing management is to attract customers to increase company sales. Multiple strategies are planned to increase the sales of the product. It can be in the form of ads on television, and pamphlets, and a marketing team is employed to advertise the company’s products.

  • Satisfying the demands of customers:

Another objective of marketing management is to keep your customers who are using your product continuously. The quality matters a lot for this purpose. Besides this, good service is also of great concern like a supply of products without damage on time.

  • Profitability:

A company cannot survive longer without earning profit. Profitability is the backbone of a company. It is obvious to gain profit for growing and expanding a business, and its maintenance. For this purpose, A company must know what is market management. And how to achieve these market targets? A team of management company keeps the marketing on track y attracting the new customer or entertaining the old reliable customers, to make maximum profit for maximum growth.

  • Maximizing the market share:

Another important objective is maximizing marketing share. By comparing with a market economy, companies use different tools to get maximum market sales for their products. Sometimes to attract customers, companies offer discount. Sometimes they do unique packaging as a  promotional activity.

  • Creating a good public reputation:

Public reputation plays a crucial role in the growth of a company. If the company has a good public figure, it means it has more chances to expand and grow. But It will no longer survive if it stands with a bad reputation. The reputation of company can make trustworthy, for the consumers by the marketing management.

Importance of marketing management

It is of great importance because it helps to stand the company in highly growing competition in the market. To improve benefits  and reduce the cost of goods it helps to develop strategies. It has become the source of exchange and transfer of products.

  • Helps to maintain the company’s reputation: A good company is recognized by its reputation in the market. The marketing includes selling the goods, buying , exchanging , and transporting. If a company fulfills these parameters, it stands firm and can be reputed well in the public. If the company’s reputation is good, it will be advantageous for the growth and promotion of the company. Good and reputable companies do not compromise at all for their reputation. Companies get more opportunities to grow and have good reputations. The more economically strong the company is more it will get tenders.
  • Promotes new ideas: Marketing management Help to improve and plans that depend upon the customer’s benefit. These benefits are offered for the public to avail them immediately. These ideas keep developing and expanding the companies by keeping them unique from other companies present in the market. These ideas are useful to know the demand of today’s market and not let it go in the wrong direction
  • Boost the company economy: Marketing management decides the way a company can beat the competition. The company advertises its product to be known to the public. For example, if there is a flat 50% off on any brand a person tells his family and friends, and sales will increase.
  • Source of advertising new products: Those products need to be advertised which is not well known to the public. Marketing management effectively makes advertisements of those products that can grab the public’s attention.

Process of marketing management:

Every company has its specific goals and objectives that make it unique from other companies.

Process of marketing management:

Here are some steps for effective marketing mangemnet

  • Define your mission statement: Your mission should be set before doing anything. The marketing management of the company and stakeholders should decide effective and strong mission statement. After that, they should outline their company’s goals and objectives which can take a long time.  The mission statement should be very clear. It has the potential to attract customers. The company goal should be unique, based on reality, aspiring, and for a specific time.
  • Analysis of the industrial rank of your business: A company needs to know if its position in the market is alarming or satisfying for its growth. For this purpose, the company has to analyze its rank after a short period. Marketing management should go through the strong and weak points of the company. Companies should work hard to get over the weak aspects by shifting their standards. Other important factors are trending and threatening. Trending provides opportunities to do the things that are on-demand in the market. These are useful for the business but the threat is opposite to it.
  • Processing towards work: This is the time to implement the planning you have made with your managerial team. It helps for the marketing of your company’s products. Different campaigns and the wordy plan are executes for this purpose.
  • Keep evaluating, modifying, and repeating the strategies: After that when you accomplish the plan, it’s time to check out your company’s outcomes. After that modify them if there is a requirement.If they are going well and are result-oriented then repeat them.

Functions of Marketing Management

Marketing management performs different functions by knowing what is marketing management. They set their goals and prepared to take follow-ups.

functions of management marketing

Here are some functions that are benificial 

  • Development of the products: For the development of products, they make their plans by considering all the aspects. It may include the cost of raw materials and technologies. With effective plans, they can get better results. All the checkpoints for products must be cleared to be delivered effectively.
  • Promotions are made: The company product cannot be sold if they are not easily available and advertised. Marketing management makes sure that their products are visible to the public. They use different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote their products. Most people use social media. To grab public attention of public product advertised effectively.


It is necessary to run a successful and reputable business. Because it performs different tasks to achieve the company’s goals that set previously in the company mission statement. It is the art of connecting products or services to the right audience at the right time. Effective marketing management empowers businesses to survive in tough competition. Importance of marketing increases when we highlight its  role in determining the success of  organization.


What are the elements of marketing management?

Product, price, promotion, and place are the key elements of marketing management. It helps marketers to focus on the right things. These market mix also known with these 4Ps. Marketers use this marketing mix technique to achieve their goals.

What is the role and scope of marketing management?

It is the art and science of choosing a target market and establishing a profitable relationship with them. It is the process of analysis, planning, implementation, and control. Its goal is to satisfy the customer.

How about marketing management?

It refers to the control and operation of different marketing activities and the people involved in them. Such as marketing professionals like managers, and contractors. It includes setting goals and developing marketing strategies.

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