Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen On Chrome

January 1, 2023, 10 Comments

How to Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen On Chrome quickly?


Crunchyroll is without a doubt the best site for watching anime. You can even watch Crunchyroll videos on your Chrome browser. However, sometimes there are problems with the streaming and you’ll get a black screen while watching them. When Crunchyroll is not loading on a Chrome browser, the most likely cause is that your settings or the latest browser firmware need to be updated. One common reason for a Crunchyroll black screen on chrome when browsing in Chrome is because of a lack of memory on your computer. We’re going to run through what you can do about this issue.

Crunchyroll is an excellent streaming service. It’s owned by Sony and has a great selection of anime, TV shows, and even video games. Although they don’t completely avoid technical issues, one of the most common problems users experience is a black screen when playing their video. Crunchyroll seems to be having a blackout. But, we can help you make it stop by offering these tips on how to get rid of the black screen and fix your problem. Here’s what you need to know about why Crunchyroll is showing a black screen, and things you can do to solve this issue.


Reasons for Crunchyroll Black Screen

Reasons for Crunchyroll Black Screen
Crunchyroll Black Screen On Chrome

As the OTT platform has become a mainstream media platform, Crunchyroll has invested in securing the Anime series on their TV and Mobile apps. Without doing this they would have had to deal with piracy and other methods of content purchasing which are less legitimate. In an attempt to respond to user-side commands, They take any necessary measures for safety. Sadly, in some cases, regular users are also affected by this process.


Why is Crunchyroll showing a black screen?


We experienced a technical issue with the Chrome browser and are working on a fix. Problems like this have been reported before and usually don’t happen in other browsers or when watching on a smart TV, but instead happen on streaming via the internet. The problem is limited to streaming on a web browser which is unfortunate because that’s the way most people watch Crunchyroll content.


If a black screen interrupts your anime, there might be four things wrong. You can just turn off Chrome and try again later if you have nothing else to do, but here are the four possible problems:


  • Bad internet connection
  • Pop-up redirects
  • Extension incompatibility
  • Cache build-up


Why does the Crunchyroll screen go black when streaming content?


According to a report, people are consuming more and more OTT content. Piracy is a serious social issue if you are in the music or movie industry. Artists trying to make it on their own are fighting against piracy all the time. But the likes of OTT platforms are taking preventative action to stop it from happening.


Our website is not quite compatible with your device or browser. Unfortunately, I am still trying to give you a clear answer regarding what precisely the issue is and how to fix it. Many different aspects can lead to this issue- I encourage you to take a look at our help center if this problem continues.


  • Browsers are engineered to take advantage of your CPU, GPU, and RAM resources to give you a more immersive experience. Unfortunately, the problem only occurs when streaming videos or audio.
  • The browser’s default settings accumulate data from forms and cause the problem.
  • One other culprit may be a bad connection, so if you’re working on a wireless network, make sure you’re connected via WiFi to avoid bandwidth limitations.
  • Websites can sometimes cause errors and glitches leading to the Crunchyroll black screen issue.
  • Many browser extensions are installed by the user, and I have two Firefox browser extensions. These may clash with the website code and cause compatibility problems when the video player isn’t displaying correctly.


How to Fix Crunchyroll No Picture Issue?

Crunchyroll No Picture Issue
Crunchyroll Black Screen On Chrome

There are several possible solutions to fix the CrunchyRoll black screen issue including disabling your ad blocker/VPN, clearing your browser cache or CrunchyRoll cache, updating the app, and refreshing your browser tab. Try out all of them until you find what works for you. Sometimes it might be required to simply restart the app and refresh your browser tab for a few seconds.


Relaunch the app


There is a solution for black screen problems on Crunchyroll. Close the app, close any other apps running in the background, and then launch the app again. The next time you play a show or movie, your screen might be working properly again. Crunchyroll is a streaming service that allows anime lovers to watch the latest new releases. Many of the users who have tried this fix have reported having positive results. But if you are still having issues, then try out other fixes that are offered below.


Power Cycle Your Devices


If you’re having problems with Crunchyroll, you might be able to fix the black screen problem by turning your devices off and on again. You can find steps on how to do this below.


  • Turn off the TV
  • and unplug it from the wall
  • To save data, please perform the following operation: pressing and holding the button for 15 seconds.
  • When you plug in your TV, wait for 15 minutes before turning it on.


Have you checked if the issue is fixed? 


If not, please try a power cycle on your router and other devices with wifi.


  • Unplug your router from the outlet
  • You will then need to wait a few minutes before plugging it back in and turning on the device.

Now launch the Crunchyroll app and check to see if your problem is fixed.


Disable Hardware Acceleration In Advanced Settings


The latest browsers provide an immersive experience by incorporating hardware acceleration in their software. Online businesses are becoming more and more complex. As well as holding the company’s content, the site also now holds products, services, and tools for customers. This can mean a slower loading time for websites. The browser must work hard to display content from the Internet like webpages, movies, TV shows, images, and audio. There is a special algorithm that loads files as large as they are needed. However, if you disable hardware acceleration in your default browser settings, it may limit the effectiveness of this algorithm.


Disable Incompatible Extensions


Crunchyroll is a Stream website with a policy on Torrenting any video you watch. For this reason, your video might not stream if you have extensions that download videos or that enable other types of rule-breaking behavior. Disable extensions one by one to find out which extension is causing the video to not play. You can disable extensions in the More Tools and Extensions menu.


How to fix Crunchyroll’s black screen issues

How to fix Crunchyroll's black screen issues

Crunchyroll Black Screen On Chrome

Diagnosing a problem can sometimes be tricky. One critical thing to note is if you have an external display connected and the screen still doesn’t turn on. However, here are some possible solutions.


Cache structure


Browsers store a lot of information for your online browsing convenience. Sometimes, this stored information can interfere with the performance of computer programs that you might try to run.


Tech-savvy people like yourself are probably already aware that it’s important to clear your cache regularly. In this instance, you may have accidentally deleted the wrong files and the result can be a black screen for Crunchyroll streaming.

So how should we fix this problem? Follow these steps:


  • I would like to go to the settings page
  • please click on the tab security and privacy
  • I would like you to check only the boxes you want to wipe the data
  • Once that’s finished, please hit refresh on your Crunchyroll website.


Extension incompatibility


Crunchyroll may not be compatible with all Chrome extensions. We’re sorry about the black screen, but it looks like you might need to disable a recent extension you’ve been using to watch Crunchyroll. Luckily, the solution is quick and simple.

You can disable the extensions one by one. If you click on the Extensions button, it will take you to the Extensions page, where all available extensions are listed in alphabetical order.


Pop-up redirects


Internet browsers can sometimes break the Crunchyroll app. One way to avoid this is to disable your pop-up blocker for specific sites like Crunchyroll.

The chances are that you can fix this by turning off the pop-ups for Chrome in the settings. However, if you still have problems then this is what I recommend:


  • Open Settings
  • Click on Site settings
  • Select Pop-ups and redirects
  • Update your settings to allow sites like Crunchyroll to notify you about new content by sending pop-ups and redirects.
  • Refresh your Crunchyroll page


Lower the streaming resolution


I found that many people were able to fix the black screen issue by lowering the streaming quality. For those of you who can’t find any solution, you might want to decrease your display resolution to improve Crunchyroll video playback. Go to Crunchyroll, lower the streaming resolution, and see if the black screen problem is resolved.


Disable Vpn


VPNs can help you circumvent region locks by connecting to other servers. But they can also cause conflicts with certain apps, like Crunchyroll which gave me a black screen after I enabled my VPN. The black screen disappeared as soon as I disabled my VPN though. If you are running a VPN on your device, you should disable it and also make sure to remove it. Afterward, try playing a movie or show and the black screen problem should be gone.


Disable ad blocker


A lot of people who were using Crunchyroll this last week were seeing a black screen, if you’re seeing this then it’s because your browser is being blocked by an ad blocker. Try disabling the ad blocker on your computer or phone and see if that clears up the problem. After disabling your ad blocker enable the Crunchyroll streaming app and see if the black screen is fixed.


Bad internet connection


If you are experiencing a black screen issue while trying to Crunchyroll video, the first thing to rule out is the quality of your internet connection.

Sometimes a simple reset of the modem can help troubleshoot slower internet speeds. Reboot your computer and equipment by following these:

Turn off or unplug your modem and router. Wait about 30 seconds to two minutes before turning it back on again. Once your modem and router lights indicate that you have a signal, refresh your Crunchyroll page.


Wrap Up


Streaming won’t depend on a strong internet data connection so there is room for a lot of factors to affect the process. We can figure out how to fix Crunchyroll black screen on chrome problem by following the steps outlined above.

If you’re unable to use Crunchyroll for any reason, please contact the support team. We hope that the troubleshooting steps we outlined above have helped you solve your problem. This could help others who are looking for a solution to the black stream.


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