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Top 20 Useful B2B Email Marketing Examples in 2023

Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the superstar of B2B marketing. Studies reveal some impressive statistics. Almost half of organizations see email as a top tool for generating fresh online leads. 59% of B2B marketers agree that it’s the best channel for revenue generation. For every dollar you invest in email marketing, you can expect to rake in around $36 in return. Those numbers are seriously impressive! Email Marketing Examples showcase how this superstar strategy can effectively generate leads and revenue, with a staggering ROI of $36 for every dollar invested.

But here’s the kicker: 

  • Are you making the most of email marketing for your business? 
  • Are you keeping up with the latest email marketing trends

A offline surveys tells us that one-third of marketers use email to naturally share content. Furthermore, a whopping 81% of small companies see email marketing as their primary way to win over customers.

Boosting subscriber engagement is the name of the game because it means more sales, fatter wallets, and bigger profits. It’s time to mix things up! 

Here are the 20 most popular email templates for B2B Email Marketing Examples.

20 popular B2B email marketing templates in 2023


We have done the heavy lifting and sieved through thousands of newsletters to bring you the cream of the crop in email marketing campaigns. Our journey begins with B2B email marketing examples at the top of the funnel. Guiding you through the entire customer journey to supercharge your email marketing strategy and drive exceptional results.

But remember this golden rule before we dive in: you must have permission to send emails to your subscribers. Every subscriber should willingly opt-in to receive your emails. If they have not given their consent you send them marketing emails. You may risk facing fines due to GDPR regulations. (Learn more about GDPR and the best practices for email marketing examples here.)

Now that we’ve got the ground rules covered, let’s embark on this exciting journey!

1 Video email template


Boosting Engagement with Video Emails: Learn from Backlinko


Brian Dean (the brains behind Backlinko) knows the power of video in emails. When he hits that send button chances are high that his email contains a video. Videos deliver actionable content creating a strong bond with subscribers. Seeing and hearing Brian regularly builds a more profound connection than plain text. It is like getting to know a friend!

How to do it: 

Pick your top-performing content, turn it into a video and share those tips visually. There is no need for a Hollywood-level production style only keep yourself on screen.

When to send: 

It is a fantastic way to connect with your audience on a whole new level.

2 Gerry McGovern’s Smart Email Strategy


Gerry McGovern

Gerry McGovern has a clever trick for keeping his subscribers engaged. He sends them new articles in his “New Thinking” email series. These emails contain the same content as his website articles. It’s a neat way to keep subscribers informed without them visiting the website. There’s no hard selling; it’s all about sharing thought-provoking content.

How to do it: You can either copy and paste your blog or article content directly into the email (like Gerry) or include a link to the webpage to drive readers to your site.

3 SumAll’s Clever Email News Strategy


Remember the old newspaper vendors shouting “Extra, extra – read all about it!” to announce fresh news? Well, in the digital age, news about your company is still a valuable treat for your email readers. In fact, 26% of B2B subscribers sign up for emails just to stay in the know about company updates.


For instance, when SumAll acquired Flutter, a tool for growing Twitter followers, they immediately shared this news with their subscribers. This sparked new interest in their product. So, if you have noteworthy updates, like winning an award or changing your product offerings, share them with your subscribers. You can do this by including the news in the email or linking to a landing page.

How to do it: Share company news whenever you have it. You can include it all in the email or link to a landing page. This works well for lead nurturing or customer marketing campaigns.

4 Hiten Shah’s Valuable Content Roundup


Hiten Shah is the founder of CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics. Every week, he sends a curated list of his favorite posts on topics like SaaS, marketing, sales and growth to his subscribers. What’s great is that he delivers this valuable content directly to his readers’ inboxes, saving them the trouble of searching online. It is all about helping his readers improve, which adds tons of value.

Hiten Shah

How to do it: No matter your industry, you can create a list of the best content you’ve come across and share it via email with your subscribers, complete with links to the content. You don’t need a fancy email design for this. By doing this, you provide value without being overly promotional.

When to send: weekly or monthly, depending on how frequently you can curate content.

5 Welcome Email Examples


Creating a Welcoming First Impression

Welcome Email

When someone joins your email list, it’s like meeting someone for the first time. You want to make a great impression, right? Buffer knows this well. When you sign up for their emails they do not leave you hanging. They send you a welcome email that says thanks and welcomes you warmly. It’s simple yet it works.


How to do it: Whether you automate these emails or send them manually, welcoming new subscribers is a smart move. Introduce yourself and your company. You can also include links to your best blog posts, white papers, or social media profiles.

6 Get Live Event Attendees Through CXL


Event Attendees Through CXL

When Peep Laja organized his ConversionXL conference, he did not keep it a secret from his email subscribers. Why? Because many of them could be potential attendees and customers! In fact, Peep revealed that a whopping 80% of his conference tickets were sold to people on his email list.

How to do it: Hosting events can be a bit of work, but it’s an excellent way to connect with potential customers. Promote your event through email, providing all the details on when, where, and why they should attend. Make sure your best salespeople are ready to meet and greet future customers at the event.

When to send: Whenever you’re hosting an event (probably one or two times a year).

7 Boost Engagement with Kissmetrics Webinars


Webinars are a powerful way to connect directly with potential customers. Kissmetrics, for instance, uses email marketing examples to promote its webinars, making it simple for subscribers to stay informed about upcoming events. Webinars are excellent for demonstrating your expertise and engaging with buyers who are close to making a purchase.

Kissmetrics Webinars

How to do it: You don’t always need new topics for webinars. You can repurpose existing content into webinar material. Choose content that’s performed well and that you’re knowledgeable about. Then, send an email to your subscribers, inviting them to the webinar. Clearly state the date, time, and what the webinar will cover.

When to send: Every time you’re hosting a webinar.

8 Content Reach with SuperOffice

Content Reach with SuperOffice

SuperOffice boosts the reach of its new whitepapers and guides by sending an email to its subscribers. This quick action ensures more people read and download the content. Research indicates that 36% of B2B buyers look for whitepapers at the start of their buying process. By delivering educational content directly to subscribers’ inboxes, SuperOffice not only meets their audience’s content demands but also stays top of mind.

How to do it: When you launch new gated content, notify your subscriber list. Keep the email concise, emphasize the benefits, and include a call to action that directs readers to download the material from a dedicated landing page. The email’s purpose is to drive traffic to your website.

9 Effective VWO Product Promotion Through Email

VWO Product Promotion

VWO understands the importance of accurate data for marketers, especially for website testing. When they launched SmartStats, they didn’t keep it a secret. They informed their audience about this change and explained how it benefits users in their testing efforts. Such improvements can sway potential customers in your favor.

How to do it: Your product will evolve over time. Whenever you add a new feature or enhance an existing one, it could be the game-changer that converts prospects into customers. But you must spread the word and make your audience aware of these changes. When you update your product, send an email to your subscribers detailing the updates and using simple language to explain how these changes benefit users.

When to send: Every time you make significant updates to your product.

10 Reviving Inactive Email Subscribers


Did you know that about 40% of your email list may be inactive? This means they’ve lost interest in hearing from you. A perfect audience provides a solution. When a user goes inactive, they send a re-engagement email. It’s a clever way to restart the conversation and remind the user about their product or service.

Inactive Email Subscribers

How to do it: Identify subscribers who haven’t engaged with your emails in the last year (or haven’t used your product in 60-90 days). Send them an email reintroducing your company, reminding them why they signed up, and inviting them to start a conversation.

When to send: Do this two to three times a year to rekindle those lost connections.

11 Engaging Surveys Email Template

Surveys Email

Surveys can be dull, right? Not if you’re Headspace. In their survey email, they promise it won’t be boring from the get-go. Plus, they sweeten the deal with a chance to win a free 3-month subscription.

How to do it: Creating the survey is the tricky part. You can use tools like Google Surveys (free) or Survey Monkey (paid). Keep it short; no one likes long surveys. In the email, make it crystal clear what you want the reader to do—participate!

When to send: Try this quarterly or twice a year. The insights you gather are pure gold!

12 Saying Thanks Template


When someone downloads your content or takes action on your site, saying thanks is a smart move. Unbounce nails this by sending a plain text thank-you email after content downloads, like white papers. It feels genuine and values the reader.

How to do it: You can automate this with an auto-responder or send it manually. Start with a thank you, include a direct content link, and add links to your resource and product pages, like Unbounce.

When to send: Every time someone takes action on your website.

13 Getting started email template with Evernote

Evernote is a master at turning sign-ups into users. Right after you sign up, they send you an email to download their product. It’s simple but super effective, helping them amass over 200 million users.

Saying Thanks

How to do it: If someone signs up for your product, send an email to guide them to the next step, whether it’s installing, downloading, or logging in. Keep it focused and offer a single clear call to action, just like Evernote.

When to send: Whenever you get a new user.

14 Personalized Request demo email template With LinkedIn

LinkedIn nails lead quality by inviting potential customers to a personalized demo with a sales rep. They sent me an email addressed by name and signed by one of their sales reps, complete with a photo. Adding that personal touch builds trust, and the email, based on user behavior, is highly effective.

emplate With LinkedIn

How to do it: Create a list of prospects who’ve taken a key action on your site (like downloading content) but haven’t entered the sales process. Craft a personalized email and invite them to a live demo. Which can be done via screen sharing on Skype or video chat.

When to send: You can do this per lead or on a monthly basis.

15 Case study email template with Eyequant


As B2B buyers move closer to a decision, case studies become gold. They showcase how your product can transform a business, be it in sales, productivity, or customer communication.

Case study email template

Eyequant approach: 

They start by highlighting common industry challenges. Then, they dive into the case study, explaining how their product works and what results you can achieve. Results are key here. Demonstrating your product’s value to similar companies builds trust and converts prospects into customers.

How to do it: You can use an existing case study and send it to prospects with a link. Alternatively, ask your satisfied customers if they’d like to be featured. Though this may take time, it’s worth it. Case studies can be reused for months or years. Always focus on the results; that’s where the magic happens!

When to send: every two months or quarterly. This is for buyers in the later stages of decision-making.

16 The Power of UserTesting Free Trials Template


When folks sign up for a free trial of UserTesting.com, they receive this clever email. What makes it great? Two things:

  • The email mentions who uses their product, highlighting why readers should try it too.
  • It offers resources for key sections of their website, like features, mobile testing, and how it all works.

UserTesting Free Trials Template

How to do it: Whenever someone signs up for your service’s free trial, send them a thank-you email. Include useful information and links to keep them engaged until their free trial begins.

When to send: Each time someone signs up for a free trial.

17 Online events email templates with Zoom


Zoom knows how to reignite interest in its products. While the pandemic initially boosted its use, interest might dwindle as things normalize. To combat this, Zoom sends emails promoting events like think-tank classes or tutorials via Zoom meetings. This keeps customers engaged and loyal.

Online events email templates with Zoom

How to do it: Plan a few events and create emails for each. Schedule them to be sent automatically on a specific date.

When to send: A few weeks or days before the event.

18 Boosting Sales with Upsell Emails Template


Buffer, the B2B email marketing examples maestro, shows us how to effectively upsell in this email example. Most subscription-based businesses offer two payment options: monthly or yearly. For the company, annual payments offer cash flow benefits, while customers enjoy a discount.

Upsell Emails Template

The Winning Email Approach

In Buffer’s email, they tempt subscribers with a 15% discount if they switch to an annual plan. This means saving $36 with just one click. What sweetens the deal is the freedom to cancel anytime, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Putting It into Action

To execute this strategy, automation is key. Tailor it based on customer behavior and payment confirmation. If your company is experiencing hyper-growth, consider implementing it before the second monthly payment or after three consecutive monthly payments. Clearly outline the benefits of switching and make the process seamless after clicking the call-to-action (CTA) in the email.

Perfect Timing

Send these upsell emails each time a customer completes a specific number of consecutive monthly payments. It’s a win-win strategy for businesses and customers alike. Upsell your products or services effectively, like Buffer and watch your sales soar with these enticing offers.

19 Stay Connected with Your Customers Using “What’s New” Emails by Leadpages


One of the perks of SaaS (software as a service) products is that they keep evolving without customers needing to fuss over installing updates. However, as you toil away on coding, testing new features, or unveiling beta versions, most of your customers may not have a clue about these improvements. That’s where the “What’s New” email steps in as a vital tool.

Emails by Leadpages

Why “What’s New” Emails Matter

Your customers want to see that you’ve got their best interests at heart. If you don’t keep them in the loop about fresh updates, they might think you’re not doing much at all. You can easily sidestep this by shooting out an email each time there’s something new to share.

Making It Happen

Whenever you introduce a feature that affects how users experience your product (just like in the example above), make sure to announce it via email. Ideally, you’d want to do this before the update is out, giving your users a heads-up. But if you miss that window, sending it on the same day is still effective. Just don’t procrastinate, because significant changes left unexplained tend to flood your customer support with queries.

Perfect Timing

Hit that “send” button to your customer base whenever you roll out a new product, feature, or improvement. Keep them in the know, and you’ll foster a stronger connection.

Incorporate “What’s New” emails into your strategy, and your customers will appreciate staying in the loop about the exciting changes happening in your SaaS product.

20 Growth with Referral Emails Template

Growth with Referral Emails Template

You have wrapped up your free trial period, but what’s next? After a free trial, there are two possible scenarios. 

  • Your trial user becomes a paying customer – a reason to celebrate! 
  • They don’t, and communication usually stops. However, Buffer takes a smart approach by keeping the conversation alive through referral emails.

The Power of Referral Emails

Buffer’s strategy involves reaching out to users after their free trial, whether they become customers or not, and asking for referrals. These emails not only keep the dialogue going but also encourage users to share their thoughts and ideas for product improvement.

Putting It into Action

To implement this, set up an automated email to be sent 3-4 days after the free trial ends, targeting users who haven’t converted to paying customers. You can use the same email content for both scenarios. Keep the email straightforward, with the primary focus on securing referrals and, if possible, maintaining the conversation.

Perfect Timing

Send the referral email 3-4 days after the free trial concludes. It’s a strategy that keeps your growth momentum going. By adopting referral emails like Buffer, you can tap into your existing user base to fuel your business expansion.

Final Summary

Email Marketing Examples has proven to be a valuable and cost-effective way to boost sales and keep customers coming back. If you are one of the 59% of businesses not using email marketing examples. These 20 B2B email marketing examples can inspire you to engage your audience and drive success.


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